Romantic Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt Date Night-In

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So by now you might have guessed that this year, I’m making it a point to be more intentional in my marriage. I’m trying my best to limit my technology when Zach’s home, spend at least a half hour chatting together about our day, and plan intentional date nights for us to go on each month.

Sometimes though because of his schedule and things that come up, it’s just not always possible for us to actually go out and about for our date night. Which is why I’ve cooked up the perfect romantic Valentine’s Day date night-in—a scavenger hunt date night-in perfect to spice things up this Valentine’s Day!

Ok so to tell you the truth, Valentine’s Day has always been like any other day of the year for me. But this year it’s actually on Saturday which means hubs will be home to celebrate with me (woohoo), and since I was planning an intentional date for this month anyways, I figured “Hey, why not give it a little February 14th spin”!

I’m telling you, lovelies, I might have to plan something like this every Valentine’s from now on because I absolutely loved putting all of this together! Oh, and I even created these cute (and slightly corny) scavenger hunt printables to share with all of you! Yep, you can thank me later!

Note: Our apartment is just a little too small for a “treasure map” to be of much use so I opted for a game of Hot and Cold instead to lead Zach to each hiding place. It’s really up to you though–make this as fun and flirty as you’d like!


The first clue on our scavenger hunt should be given early in the day.  This bag of goodies should include one or two sweet snacks for him to munch on through the day. You can go over-the-top Valentine’s with this (like I did) or you can opt for your love’s favorite candy instead.

Make sure to include a little something for you and your hubby to enjoy together too. The His and Hers coffee mugs I made were a huge hit with Zach and also something we can use every day. Double win right there, gals!


Clue number two contains everything you need for a perfect movie night at home. The movie obviously, a few bags of popcorn and your drinks of choice should all be included in this one. Add a little something extra for you both to do during or after the movie too–I love to add a little something more interactive like a puzzle or a board game.


Ok so, clue number three is where things get really spicy! Remember that the main reason for the whole intentional dating thing is for us couples to have fun together and fan the flames of passion for our spouses!

K-Y® YOURS+MINE helps do that by taking intimacy to the next level without getting too far out of your comfort zone. Pair it with a few other goodies marked “Hubby’s Eyes Only” and you’re sure to have a Valentine’s date night to remember!!


You can find the K-Y® YOURS+MINE pack at any Walmart in “that” aisle. Y’all know the one I’m talking about–the one we all hurriedly rush through to get what we need all while hoping against hope we don’t see anyone we know….yep, that one. 


Or if you’re a little more shy about this kind of thing (like me), you can also discreetly purchase the K-Y® DATE NIGHT pack here at K-Y® DATE NIGHT, a $50 value, is perfect for a date night in–it involves a free meal for both of you from, a $5 VUDU movie credit and the pleasure of K-Y® YOURS+MINE Couples Lubricants.  For more great ways to celebrate romance this Valentine’s Day, visit!

Excited to get started on your own version of the Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt?? Click here to download your very own Scavenger Hunt Printables!


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  • What a fun idea! My husband would love something like this. 🙂

    • Thanks Jana! It was really fun to plan and I think the hubs will love it! 🙂

  • Elizabeth you are SO creative! Why can’t I ever come up with creative date ideas? Lol!

    • Aw thanks Faith–I love the way this date idea came out! 🙂

  • this is such a cute idea! valentine’s day is sort of just another day for us too but i’m going to tuck this away for a surprise date sometime because it’s great!

    • It would definitely work really well as part of a birthday or an anniversary too! 🙂

  • He will LOVE it! I just did a scavenger hunt for my fiance’s 30th Birthday, and it was so much fun! I hid presents all over our college campus, and left him clues. He had to go to the cafeteria, the library, and buildings all over campus. It was fun!

    • Oh that sounds like so much fun, Bethany! And so creative–I love that you did it on campus! PS-Happy Birthday to your fiancee!

  • Beth

    Very creative!

  • I am literally in the process of creating a Valentine’s Scavenger hunt right now and stumbled upon this post from #PeonyProject! Thanks for the printables:)

    • Yay! I’m so excited you could be inspired by this, Angie!