Fitness Date Night for Couples + Aloha Protein Smoothie

I’m not one of those people who enjoys working out. My husband, on the other hand, loves getting his fitness on. Which actually isn’t that all surprising since his job pretty much requires him to stay active and fit. Lately though I’ve been realizing that I NEED to follow the hubby’s lead and pay better attention to my health. So these past few months, I’ve switched up a few things in our diets and added a new kind of activity to our weekly date night roster–working out together.

Ok so it might not seem like a fitness date night would be very exciting but I promise it’s a lot more fun (and interactive) than it sounds!

First things first for the best workout date, you have to start with lots and lots of motivation (something I admit that I sorely lack when working out by myself). Get you and your spouse pepped up for the activities by printing out this handy-dandy fitness date printable I’ve created and putting it somewhere your spouse will see. If that doesn’t work, take a long look at those smoothie pictures–believe me, it’s as mouthwatering as it looks (more on that later).

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Ok have you downloaded it yet? Perfect! You’ll notice that, besides the fancy date invite, I’ve also included a workout plan for you to try out.

Of course, you can definitely revise this workout plan depending on your fitness levels and/or how much time you have to spend on this date, but it’s really a great starting off point. And there’s a few exercises that are just so fun to do together. Like this one, partner mason twists.

My favorite though are the partner-assisted situps, instead of throwing the medicine ball back and forth when I’m doing my crunches, I give Zach a quick kiss. Way more motivational!  Zach’s favorite? Definitely the Love Lift!

For the hubs and I, heading to the gym for an hour or so and finishing things off with a short walk works best but your fitness date could be a hike or a kickboxing class. Honestly, the sky is the limit as to how you can exercise together–just remember to have lots of fun!

And when you get home, you’re in for the REAL treat–enjoying a taste of Aloha that will both refresh you and give you the extra protein you need. Best part? It tastes like heaven and takes about 5 minutes to make.

Guys, I had no idea that a smoothie could taste this blissful! The first time I made this for Zach he was a little cautious (because he’s insanely picky about his fruits and veggies and hates mangoes) but after the first sip, he was in love. Now I make it for him practically every day!

Ok so by now I know you all are dying to know the recipe for this little piece of paradise in a cup, right!

First add all your fruit–pineapple chunks, mango, and banana–into the blender. Blend for a few seconds; then add the secret ingredient–1 single serve packet of EAS® 100% Whey or Lean 15 protein powder in vanilla. 

Ever since a few months ago when we decided to start making better food choices and taking on a healthier lifestyle, the EAS® Protein Powder Packets have become our go-to protein supplements since we found them in the Pharmacy section at our local Target. Because it’s already pre-measured into single-serving packets, it’s super convenient to toss in to some water or milk when Zach is running a little late or mix into a smoothie like the Aloha.

Check out and print the Aloha Protein Smoothie recipe down below.

Alright, so you have your date invite, your workout plan, and your delicious smoothie recipe for an after-workout snack. What are you waiting for?? Grab your spouse, significant other, or BFF and go on a fitness date. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy working out with someone you love!

Have you ever given working out with your spouse a try? 

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  • I love this idea! One of our marriage goals this month ( is to work out together. I may have to use your print out! It’s so important to keep yourself healthy and it’s so much more fun to do it with your spouse. 🙂

    • Agreed! Love that working out is one of your goals this month, Charlene–one of mine too!

  • Oh my gosh! How cute are you two?! John and I are at completely different fitness levels, so I usually can’t keep up with him. I definitely wouldn’t mind sharing a smoothie with him though!

    • I feel you on that…..I was sweating when we did this and Zach was just….not haha. Totally love the idea of making it into a smoothie date though!!

  • What a fun date!! My husband and I walk together for an hour every night…it’s the highlight of my day! Thanks for all the fun printables. #client

    • Thanks Kristi! Taking walks is also one of my favorite things to do with my husband! 🙂

  • Stephanie Whitener

    This is adorable. We don’t like the same type of fitness, and Tom likes to work out by himself because he gets self-conscious. But we do go on walks together!

    • Aw thanks friend! Walks together are the!