We’re Moving to….

Remember how I told y’all 2016 was full of changes? Well I wasn’t kidding! Not only will we be welcoming a little one this fall but we’ll also be moving in November! (Does that sound scary to anyone else? Nope, just me? Ok moving on then.)

I’m a little sad to be leaving Hawaii–despite a rocky start, it’s been a good home and an unforgettable experience for us these past four years–but I’m also excited to be starting a new chapter in our Army adventure.

Now I know what you’re wondering, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? Well, I’ll give you a few hints.

  • It’s somewhere cold and snowy.
  • The name of the state is two words.
  • It’s in the Eastern time zone.
  • This state is home to the largest cities in the US.


Did you guess New York?

I’ll admit Fort Drum was not our first choice for a new duty station, but because of a problem with paperwork getting lost multiple times during Zach’s reelistment process, it was the best option available to us. And now that I’ve looked into the base and the surrounding area, I think we’re really going to enjoy it. Well, everything besides the temperature that is!

Let’s Talk:

This will be our first “real” PCS so I would appreciate any moving tips you can spare and if you have any suggestions on how to travel via plane with a dog and a two month old without losing your mind, I would be forever grateful.

For all my military spouses out there, have any of you lived at Fort Drum? What were your favorite things to do/see?


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  • How cool! I’ve never been to NY, but I know a lot of people enjoy it. I’m sure you will! I’m excited to follow along on your journey. 馃檪 I want to live in Hawaii so badly, but am struggling finding a job. Still stuck in Wisco …

    • Hey Jessie!! Hawaii is definitely an beautiful (and addictive) place–we’re hoping to move back here someday. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to visit here again–looks like your trip was amazing!!! 馃檪 Oh and I used to live in Wisconsin too and am also “chicken-nugget-sized” 馃槈 Following your blog now!

  • One side of the country to the other! I’m excited for your new adventure!

  • yay new adventures! that will be quite the drastic temperature change but i know you will make a great experience from it!

  • Stephanie Whitener

    We did a DITY move, but I don’t know if that would be the best for you all. This will be a great new adventure!

    • Yeah Zach and I have agreed that next time we’re definitely doing it DITY unless we go overseas again—sounds soooo much easier (well as easy as moving can ever be).

  • That’s where I’m moving this fall! I just wrote about it on Friday. It wasn’t our first choice either and we’re not looking forward to winter, but all I keep hearing about is how gorgeous it is the rest of the year, so I’m coming around to the idea 馃檪

    • Ahh PCS buddies!! At almost the same time too! 馃檪 If it’s anything like where I grew up in New Hampshire, everything but winter should be pretty gorgeous though. 馃檪

  • I’m sure you’ll handle it just fine!! It’ll be a great new adventure!! 馃檪

  • Jen

    So cold! But I have several friends who live there and love it. They live in Watertown and it looks like a cute little place. Plus you can visit Canada! I’ve never been but it seems cool. The baby will get her own seat so be sure to take her car seat on the plane. It’ll be easier for her to nap. Honestly, at that age, she’ll probably sleep most of the time any way. Keep pacifiers and milk ready, the sucking motion helps their tiny ears pop during take off and landing. I usually feed the baby as we take off and they spent a large chunk of the flight sleeping.

    • I am writing ALL of this down!!! I didn’t know Baby will have her own seat but that makes things a ton easier—thanks Jen!!!

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  • My best friend from high school is enlisted and was there for three years. Once you get over the cold, she said it’s really nice!

    • It looks like it’s really gorgeous up there (except for, ya know, winter) haha! Overall I’m pretty excited 馃檪

  • Wow, that will certainly be quite the change, but I bet it’s awesome! 馃檪 We moved with our baby, but she was 6 months old by then. She traveled MUCH easier when she was tiny, though. We took lots of trips, and she slept the majority of the time until she hit about 5 months. 馃檪

    • AH!! That gives me hope haha! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous about it all–crossing my fingers our experience will be similar to yours. 馃檪

  • Girl! You are going to be so cold! Hawaii to New York?!?! But the bright side is, you’ll be a lot closer to me! We should totally meet up some time for a blogger date once you have settled in. You know I’ll be dying to meet that precious Baby Girl Fishy!

    • Right!?!?! I’m shivering just thinking of the temperature change (crossing my fingers for a mild New York winter). A blogger date is a MUST–I’d love to “meet you IRL”. 馃檪

  • How exciting! you get to be back in the continental 48!

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