Whale Watching on Oahu

Are you one of those people who loves crossing things off of lists? I definitely am and, since this is our last year here in Hawaii, Zach and I are making it a point to mark off a few things on our Hawaii bucket list. One of the most fun experiences we’ve had so far is taking a whale watching cruise this April.

Looking for a fun activity on Oahu? Try whale watching

Whale watching season here on Oahu ends at the end of April so we were very lucky to be able to book a spot on the Star of Honolulu’s whale watching cruise two weekends before it ended.

Whale Watching on the Star of Honolulu

We started off the day at the Aloha Tower where the Star of Honolulu docks. Once we boarded and the captain shared a little about the whales and our cruise, Zach and I made our way to the top deck to keep a lookout for the whales. And to check out the gorgeous view we had of Honolulu and Diamond Head!Whale Watching on the Star of Honolulu

Because we were so late in the season, I didn’t have the highest hopes to see any humpbacks, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised by not just one but THREE whale sightings.

This guy breached about five seconds before we were able to snap a photo of him. 聽Thankfully, he was nice enough to let us capture his tail before he disappeared from view.Whale Watching on the Star of Honolulu

Humpback whales are ‘kamaaiana’ or native to the Hawaiian islands and migrate from the Gulf of Alaska to Hawaiian waters to breed, birth, and nurse their young. The most exciting part of the cruise for me was watching a momma whale and her baby just frolicking in the water. Even though our ship stayed pretty far away (humpbacks are protected and watercraft must stay at least 100 feet away), you still got a sense of just how big and beautiful these animals are.Whale Watching on the Star of Honolulu

Whale Watching on the Star of Honolulu

Whale Watching on the Star of Honolulu

Whale Watching on the Star of Honolulu

And of course, no date is complete without a selfie.

Whale Watching on the Star of Honolulu

How to Book your own Whale Watching Cruise

You can book a whale watching tour on the Star of Honolulu. You can purchase tickets that include lunch (or breakfast) depending on your cruise time for a little extra. I definitely recommend booking a little earlier in the season (it runs from December to the end of April) and I’ve heard that booking the “Early Bird” cruise can increase your chances of seeing the whales breach.

Let’s Talk:
Have you ever been on a whale watching tour?

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  • What an amazing experience! We are moving to the west coast of Canada soon and I am SO excited to go whale watching there!

  • Jen

    We’ve seen whales from afar by “accident” but never did a tour. I wish we would have though. 馃檨

  • Oh my goodness! Whale watching is on my bucket list for sure! My parents went on an Alaskan cruise when I was in high school and my mom’s favorite part was the whale watching. She still talks about it all the time. Ever since then I’ve wanted to do it so bad!

    • Oh my goodness an Alaskan cruise would be so amazing! Zach’s grandpa lives in Alaska and oh my goodness is it beautiful there!

  • This is such a cool experience!