30 Days of Intentional Prayer for Your Spouse

You know what I really struggle with in my marriage? Ok, one of the things I struggle with in my marriage (let’s face it, I think we all struggle with a few things)? Covering my marriage and especially my husband in prayer. To be honest, prayer in itself has never come very easily to me. Because of that, sometimes it makes things easier when I have a prayer list in front of me. And that’s what I’m sharing today–my 30-day marriage prayer list.

Intentional prayer is so important for a godly life and what better person to lift up in prayer than your spouse! I'm sharing my 30-day challenge of intentional prayer for your spouse.


I think it was in Sunday school that I learned how a godly marriage can be compared to a triangle with both spouses forming the base with God at the very top.  That’s a pretty good illustration. Instead of focusing on things that I (or you) can do for my marriage, these 30 days of prayer prompts allow me to focus on what God can do for my husband and for our marriage.

And now you can experience the same blessings!  Here’s what’s new and improved for Version 2.0.



For Version 2.0 of my 30 Day Printable instead of writing the prompts on a calendar page, I went back to the drawing board and created a mini book you can carry with you in your purse or leave by your nightstand next to your Bible. As you can see, each day has one thing about your marriage or your spouse for you to pray for. Now the printable is only meant to be a guide for you so you can expound on each item–make it personal! I definitely recommend replacing ‘your spouse’ with your husband’s (or wife’s) name–so for example on Day 15, I prayed that Zach would surround himself with friends who are good influences and people he can count on. You get the idea, right?


I’ve also included three extra prompt cards that you can print and write your own prayers on. I chose to add a “Day 31” prompt since I’m planning to start this challenge in July. Plus it gives you the chance to pray for specific things that are happening in your life (such as baby’s upcoming arrival).



On the last sheet of the printable, I wrote out some basic assembly instructions–don’t worry it’s super simple!

  1. print out the four-page printable (highest photo quality)
  2. cut
  3. assemble
  4. hole punch
  5. bind with rings, string, anything you’d like

And when you’re all done? Voila!


Confession? When I started this 30-Day Challenge, I felt a little silly–this was really the first time I’d done something as intentional as this with my prayer life–but I felt in my heart it was something I needed to focus on so I did it. And boy, it’s made a difference! This month of intentional prayer has taught me so much! It has opened my eyes to areas I need to work on in my marriage and it’s helped me understand how to be a better partner to my husband. It’s been a month of growth, my friends!

I hope that using this challenge will bless other couples as much as it has blessed me!


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      • Yay! I can’t wait to read it! P.S. I’ve already printed out and put together the 30 days of prayer and I’ve been using it!

  • This is so nifty! I love it!

  • Bailey

    I love this! I’m trying to be more intentional in praying for my husband!

  • Such a great idea! 🙂

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    I adore this idea! I really try to be intentional when praying for my husband. I’d enjoy these. I keep clicking where it says to download and it takes me to subscribe. I subscribe and still it won’t allow me to download. Please help. I really would use these. Thanks.

    • Hey Desirae, sorry for the delay in my response! I’m not finding your name in my subscriptions list so maybe something went wrong on my newsletter end. Did you receive a welcome email after you subscribed? If you did, you should have received a password you can use to login to the Resources page up in the navigation bar. If you didn’t get the welcome email, let me know your email and I can set you up from my end. 🙂 Let me know!