How to Set Up Access to your Blog (without sharing passwords)

When I first started blogging–and designing for others–I thought, like a lot of new bloggers do, that the only way to share access to my blog was to give out my username and password. And to be honest, that always made me a little uncomfortable because, hey, isn’t it drummed into our head NEVER to share our passwords. Plus the whole thing added up to extra time wasted for my clients since each time I, as a designer, had to log into their blogs, they’d have to change their passwords.

And then I found an easier, simpler way to give your designer blog access.

Instead of giving out your username & password to everyone who needs access to your blog, you can just make your designer a temporary admin. And voila! Now you can keep your information private and you can easily remove your designer’s access once their job is done.

Ever had to share your username and password with your designer? Setting up blog access is easy when you can add them as a temporary admin.


If You’re on WordPress:

First, you’ll want to be signed in to your WordPress account. Check out your toolbar menu on the left of your screen–you should see an option called USERS. Hover on that word (or click on it) and you’ll see three menu items pop up beside it. Choose ADD NEW and click on it.


This will bring you to your “Add New User” page. Add in the username of your choice, password, and your designer’s email address. Click on the option to send your designer all the information. At the very bottom of the form, there’s a drop down menu named ROLE. Be sure to mark the new user’s role as administrator–this lets your designer have complete access over the ‘meat’ of your site aka your theme and settings. Click Add New User and–boom–you’re done!

If You’re on Blogger:

Again, you’ll want to be signed in to your Blogger account. Got that done? Great!–you’re almost halfway there! Click on the blog you want to add your designer too and you’ll be brought to your main blog page that you probably have seen lots of times before. Look over to the left side of your screen at your blog menu–at the very bottom, you’ll see a button called SETTINGS. Click on it and you’ll be brought to the first option under the Settings tab–BASICS. Scroll down a little on the page till you see a spot called PERMISSIONS. Click on “+ Add Authors” and you’ll see a space where you can add an email address. That’s your spot!


Once you’ve typed in your designer’s email, click “invite authors”. Wow–your job is done! Ok, well almost!

Essentially you just sent your designer an email asking if they’d like to join your blog–once they confirm your request, you only have one step left before you’re done. Go back into the same page as you were before (settings>basic).  Your Permissions box will look something like this.


Beside the designer’s email, there’s a dropdown menu. Choose ADMIN from the menu instead of ‘author.’ Just like in WordPress, this step is VERY important as it allows your designer to have access to your template.

And there you have it! Wasn’t that easy?!


Is there a blog design tutorial you’d like to see me tackle? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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