Bookstore Scavenger Hunt for Couples

You know what’s really fun for me? Spending hours at the bookstore. You know what’s not really fun for my husband? Yep—also spending hours at the bookstore. However I decided that our next trip to Barnes and Nobles would be enjoyable for both of us! And it was–thanks to an idea I got from browsing Pinterest, a bookstore scavenger hunt date for two.

A guide to planning an interactive bookstore scavenger hunt for your next date night. Includes a free printable!

The way it works is both of you have four sets of challenges to complete. Some of the challenges are easy, like “Find a book about a place you’d like to visit together” and some can be a little harder, like “Find a book with the words Happily Ever After in the title”. You only have a certain amount of time to complete the set and return to your designated meeting place (this way all of us bookworms don’t lose track of time browsing).

After each set, you and your SO meet up and talk about your choices, tell each other memories that relate to what you picked, and browse a little more through the books you chose. The best part about this date is it’s very interactive so—pick a comfy spot to meet up after each challenge set and talk…..oh, and take pictures…because it didn’t happen if there aren’t photos right!?!?! Then set off in search of your new set of books!


The very last set of challenges are made to complete together so be sure to save a little time at the end to browse. And, most of all, have fun with your date!


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I loved that Zach picked out a book from one of my favorite authors for the “pick a book for each other” prompt. We even found a couples devotional that we’re planning on reading together for one of our next date nights.聽And since we were in the area, we capped off our date with dinner at PF Chang’s–delicious!!!



To be honest, when I first broached the idea of having a date in a bookstore to Zach, he wasn’t at all convinced he’d enjoy himself–but the scavenger hunt ended up being so much fun for both of us! Whether you and your honey are avid book readers are not, this bookstore scavenger hunt date is guaranteed to be a hit!

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  • This is such a great idea!

  • Love this so much! I’m such a book nerd and love going to the bookstore and the library on a regular basis. 馃檪

    • That’s how I am too, Mia–this is definitely the date for you! (I think Pinterest even has a version for a library scavenger hunt too)

  • This is seriously one of the best ideas I’ve seen and I’m sure that I can get Andrew on bored pretty easily too! Thanks for this!

  • I did this exact same date a couple years ago! Pearson wasn’t so sure about it either just like Zach but we ended up having a blast!

    • Funny thing–when I was looking up prompts for this date, I actually found your post on Pinterest and was like “HEY, I KNOW HER!!!!”. 馃檪

      • That’s awesome! Haha it’s one of my highest traffic posts!

  • Jen

    this sounds so fun!

  • super cute idea!!! now if i can just get my husband to not travel so much… 馃檪

  • I’ve seen other couples do something like this. I think it would be fun…however, I’d be tempted to buy all the books we found–I’m not to be trusted with money in a bookstore!!!!!!

    • Lady after my own heart, Tayler–I definitely had to use restraint when we did this date! I’ve also seen a slightly different version for a library too….that way you can bring all the books home with you!

  • This is so cute! Have you been to the Friends of the Library bookstores? My favorite ones are in Kaneohe and Kailua. Right inside the library, there is a special section of books that they sell. These are all books that people have donated. I’ve found some awesome books in there that I’ve taken home and they sell them for as low as .25 and as high as .50! I’ve always wanted to go on a date with Nick where we go there and each pick out a book for the other. It would only cost about $1!

    • Wow! Books for under $1–count me in!! I’ve actually never been to any of the libraries on the Windward side but now I’ll have to check them out! Thanks Carolann!

  • This sounds like a phenomenal date night! 馃檪