Baby E is Here!


Hurrah! Baby E is finally here!

She arrived on Saturday, September 17, at 11:37 pm, weighing in at 8 lb 7 oz and 21 inches. She’s a happy healthy baby and passed her first doctor’s visit last Wednesday with flying colors!

Zach and I are so thankful for your thoughts and prayers during this pregnancy–it’s been so fun sharing my pregnancy with you all and I’m excited to keep sharing about our journey as parents.

I’ve decided to keep calling her E here on the blog (if you haven’t been following along, E is her first initial) and Zach and I are still contemplating just how much information and photos of her we will share here on the interwebs because #PERSEC. Of course, if you’d like to be inundated with tons of  cute pictures of Baby E–and some behind-the-scenes photos of our lives–you can always follow my personal (and private) Instagram account.

I do plan on writing her birth story down for the blog–I’ll let you in on a little secret, it went absolutely NOTHING like how I’d planned!!!  So look for that here on the blog sometime in the (near-ish?) future. As of right now, blog posts will be published whenever I have the time because, you know, newborn + first time mama = hectic life but I’m truly excited to get back to this space at least once a week!

Until then!

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  • Yay! Glad she’s here, and can’t wait to hear your birth story!

  • Congrats! She’s adorable!

  • Jen

    Congrats! She’s so cute!

  • Congratulations!!! She’s precious. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey as a mama!

  • So many congratulations. She’s adorable!