Chopped: Couples Edition {Date Night In}

If you have the pleasure of knowing the husband and I in real life, you know that we are obsessed with watching Food Network shows. Some people DVR reality tv; we DVR Worst Cooks in America, Restaurant Impossible, and, of course, Chopped.

Just in case, you’re not as Food Network-obsessed as we are, Chopped is a cooking competition that challenges four chefs to make something delicious and creative out of surprise mystery ingredients. The mystery ingredients can get pretty intense (grasshoppers anyone?) and Zach and I always love telling each other what dishes we’d make if we were competing on the show. So, we thought why not make our own Chopped date night!

Up for a new kind of at-home date? Try Chopped | Couples--a fun way to put your cooking skills to the test and challenge your spouse to a friendly competition. The best dish wins extra kisses!

Off we went to the store to grab our “secret ingredients” after which we cooked our little butts off! We both picked entrees to make and traded off days to make our dinners. Zach was up first with his secret ingredients of chicken breast, cream cheese, and corn and I tackled Sunday dinner with steak, basil, and cauliflower.

Now I suppose you could have someone else come and judge your dishes, but we just wanted to dig in! After all, this competition is much more about having fun with your spouse than about having the best dish. In the end, we decided that Zach won for creativity, I won for presentation, and we tied for taste. But we both decided that while we would never ever make it on the real version of Chopped, it was just too fun of a date night not too share!


To start, decide if you’ll be doing appetizer, entree, or dessert. As you can see, Zach and I both opted for entrees.

Download my exclusive Chopped|Couples printables from the library (Not subscribed to Our Darling Adventure’s monthly newsletter, yet? No problem, subscribe at the end of the post and you’ll receive the super-secret password).  I’ve included a pre-made ingredient list to choose from as well as room for you to add your own ingredients if you’d like.

You and your partner will pick one ingredient from each of the categories. For an entree dish, choose one ingredient from: proteins (red boxes), fresh food (cream boxes), preservatives/canned or frozen items (yellow boxes).

Hit up the grocery store for your mystery ingredients and then start cooking!

>>Chopped Guidelines

In addition to your mystery ingredients, you may use any additional ingredients you have in your kitchen.

You must use all of your mystery ingredients in some way and remember that you get extra points for originality and presentation.

There’s no time limit for this challenge and you can use the internet to help you with cooking techniques (unless you’re a professional chef, in which case all bets are off).

This date is all about having fun with your spouse so don’t get too competitive!

How About You?

Are you as obsessed with Chopped as we are? Let us know what you came up with if you give this a try.

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  • We LOOOOOVE Chopped, Great Food Truck Race, Diners,Drive-Ins,&Dives, Guys Grocery Games, MasterChef (I know that’s not Food Network), and Cutthroat Kitchen.

    We “play” Chopped all the time. When they list the basket ingredients, we pause it and say what we’d do or make with it…it’s always fun to see one of the contestants create a similar dish.

    We think it’d be so much fun to do Chopped for real as a double/triple date…if there was enough kitchen space!

    • YES!!! Zach and I do that too!!!! We also yell helpful hints to the tv–“Nooo! Don’t make pasta–Scott will nail you on pasta.” It’s probably pretty hilarious haha. I love the idea of Chopped as a group date–that would be incredibly fun!

  • Oh my gosh! This looks like so much fun and I’m going to download your printable so Nick and I can do it. Nick loves to cook. He worked as a cook before he joined the Navy so everything he makes is amazing. I’m all about those date nights at home, especially the ones that involve cooking.

    • Thanks Carolann–I hope you enjoy them and I’d love to hear what you guys end up making! Its so nice when you can have date nights at home, especially when they involve food!