Baby E’s Birth Story {Part One}

E just celebrated her six-month birthday this month so I thought it might be about time for the birth story I promised y’all. Hey, I’m only six months late! I promise though that, in return for your patience, I won’t regale you with all eight pages worth of writing I have in my journal about the experience. You’re welcome.

I’m not going to lie–the two days leading up to Baby E’s birth and the four days afterward were really hard for me. My sweet baby girl was very comfortable in her momma’s tummy and absolutely, positively did not want to come out! I’ll save my thoughts on the whole labor process for another post though so for now, let’s start at the beginning.

>> September 9th

My last prenatal appointment was on my due date aka September 9th. The doctor on staff 聽(not my regular doctor because she, of course, was on vacation) checked my cervix and proclaimed me 0cm dilated. Always what someone wants to hear on the day they’re supposed to be pushing a baby out into the world, right. We decided to schedule an induction for the 16th and cross all our fingers that Baby E decided to make her appearance sometime before that.

Spoiler alert–she didn’t. We tried everything, guys–I’m pretty sure I ate enough pineapple that week to last me until E is 18. Nothing. No twinges. No Braxton-Hicks. Just a feeling that I was doubling in size by the hour.

>> September 16th

Still, on the day of my induction, Zach and I were feeling pretty confident. We had everything packed and in the car and were just waiting for the hospital to call and tell us they were ready. 聽They did and by noon we were checked in and ready to get the whole process going.

Don’t we look excited and winningly naive? That was before they checked my cervix and told us it was sealed up tighter than a steel drum.

After we were all checked in and everything was ready to go at around 2 in the afternoon, they started me on Cervadil to soften my cervix and, hopefully, get things started. We had a little bit of trouble with my IV–the nurse tried my left hand then my right hand, brought in another nurse who also tried both hands plus both elbows, and then finally called in the聽anesthesiologist. However, after a few hours, the arm with the IV started turning numb and extremely cold no matter how much I moved it so they ended up having to switch the IV to my other arm again. #BruisesForDays

At around 6 pm, the doctor inserted a Foley catheter, which essentially is a tube with a balloon attached to it, to help my cervix dilate. I’ll spare you all the painful details but by around 2 am Saturday morning, my cervix had dilated to 4 cm and the doctor broke my water and started me on Pitocin.

I started having contractions fairly regularly once I started on the Pitocin but after a few hours, the doctor realized I still wasn’t dilating very quickly so they turned up the dosage. By this time, the contractions were coming fast and heavy and I was still only dilated to 5 cm so I opted to get an epidural. It was truly blissful and I fell asleep for around 6 hours until around 11 Saturday morning.

Turns out even the Cliff Notes version of E’s birth story is too long for one post! Stay tuned for the next installment.

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  • Epidurals are heaven!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Can’t wait to read the rest! I love birth stories. 馃檪

    • Coming up tomorrow! I love reading them too–it’s amazing to see how much the process is different for everyone.

  • Stephanie Whitener

    Yes to the epidural! I don’t know why I waited 12 hours through Pitocin contractions to get one. Can’t wait to read the rest. It is so fascinating to read different experiences.

    • Oh my!! I had convinced myself I was going to do things sans-epidural and it didn’t exactly go as planned (of course), but that epidural gave me the best nap ever!