Coffee Chat // April

I can’t believe we’re well into the middle of April already. Yesterday it was 70 degrees!!! Granted we had flurries two days before that but still 70 degrees, guys–summer is FINALLY coming!!

Anyway, I thought on this fine spring day that I’d take you all out for coffee and we could chat. So grab your favorite beverage (coffee or otherwise) and let’s talk.

If we were having coffee

.  . . I’d tell you about this post and ask if me and the author are the only ones who don’t get “mom culture”. I mean, I love Target just as much as the next girl but as far as the other stuff goes, I’m lost. Also, I’ve never been able to stomach wine. Maybe I should just hand in my ‘Cool Mom’ card now.

.  . . I’d ask if you have any fun plans for the summer.  Zach and I will be celebrating our 5-year anniversary in July and we’re cooking up a plan to celebrate it in style. It might involve the word Disney.

.  . . I’d wonder aloud if anyone uses Facebook’s new “story” function. I don’t get it–you don’t need to have disappearing videos on every social platform you’re on. Now I do love me some ‘Insta-Stories’ though. Mostly because I don’t have Snapchat and Insta-stories are a fun way to interact with my fav bloggers.

So yes, if we follow each other on Instagram and you’ve posted an InstaStory, chances are very good I’ve watched it. I never comment though because I feel like sending a direct message to an InstaStory is a little weird unless you know the person super well.

.  . . I’d tell you I finally figured out my posting schedule for the summer. I plan on having posts up on Mondays and Wednesdays during the upcoming months and return to 3 posts a week in the fall. Less is more, am I right.

.  . . I’d ask if you have any recommendations for baby carriers. The husband and I want to do some outdoor exploring now that the weather has warmed up and we’re searching for a good baby carrier for E. Preferably something that’s breathable and can be adjusted to fit both of us. I already have a wrap style carrier but E is not its biggest fan. Any recommendations?

.  . . I’d tell you how much I’ve loved catching up with you. Because, in all seriousness, you’re one of my favorite people. #hugsallaround

It’s Your Turn!

Tell me some snippets from your life these days.


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  • I like Instagram stories too! They are fun to watch and sometimes I just post random things that are amusing to me. I like your idea for a posting schedule. I totally slacked this week but I like posting twice per week. Anything more than that gets to be too much for me. If we were having coffee, we would be in NY because I’m home visiting my family right now and it’s so great!

    • Thanks Carolann! I’m totally slacking this week because the husband is on leave haha! Love that you’re getting to spend time with your family–glad the weather around here warmed up a bit for you!

  • Jen

    I don’t get Facebook stories either. None of my friends use them. As for the mom thing, I mean, target is nice but I don’t go there for hours either. Wine is still yummy though. We’re going to Disney for the 4th of July, I can’t wait!

    • Hey, that’s the week we’re going too!!!! I’m so excited—I may or may not have planned almost everything already!

  • We really like our Ergo! But if I could have chosen which SSC to get I’d have gotten a Lillebaby 🙂

  • we have an ergo performance and it’s decent. it feels sort of uncomfy on our back and i am contemplating switching to a Tula because it seemed to fit us a bit better (but we are both pretty tall so it could just be us)!