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Well hey there lovelies, it’s definitely been awhile, hasn’t it? Today I’m popping in to update you all on life lately with, what I hope will become, a new monthly series–Snippets of Life. Kinda like my ‘currently/coffee talk’ posts but more in depth. So here it goes.

I believe my last post was in May (wow, that was so long ago–I’m really not good at this whole blogging consistently thing am I?). Anyway, the end of May brought Zach home from his second rotation in JRTC aka Fort Polk, Louisiana. It was good having him home after two months of separation. The sad thing since he’d been gone for awhile was that Baby E was afraid of him when he came back!!

For the first few hours or so after his arrival, she would shriek and reach for me the minute her daddy held her and would shirk away from him if he tried to play or cuddle with her. Thankfully that phase didn’t last long and by the end of the second day, they were back to their old selves again. It did break my heart though that my baby didn’t recognize her daddy at first.

Question for my fellow milso moms, do you have any tips to help keep the separated parent a part of everyday life while they’re away? Baby E is still too young to really understand that Daddy is gone but I’d love to make the transitions a little easier for her.

June was probably the busiest month of our year so far. We spent most of our weeks hiking to some of the waterfalls in the area. I will have specific posts dedicated to Pixley and Salmon River Falls later this month but here’s a sneak peak.

Aren’t they both gorgeous? I’m looking forward to visiting more of the falls south of us once things settle back down for us.

We also went down to Alexandria Bay for a festival and took a boat tour to one of the castles. Again, blog post about it to follow.

If you follow me on my personal Instagram, you might already know that we went camping in June too. It was my very first time ever roughing it in the woods and, besides having to go to the bathroom in the wild, I quite liked the experience.

We now have our own tent and air mattress so I can definitely see us going camping again in the future.

The last weekend of June also saw us hosting our very first party. It was Fourth of July themed and I made the best dessert ever (recipe will follow later this month).

Can you guess what it is?

The first of July saw us flying to Orlando for our Disney World vacation. I’ll be recapping our trip in the next five posts (which are already written and scheduled–hurrah for me) so I’ll only share one photo from our Disney stay here.

Tada–so sweet right!

The rest of July has been spent trying to beat the post-Disney blues and getting used to the home routine again. Zach and I have rededicated ourselves to a healthier lifestyle. We’ve actually started meal planning (which we’ve never tried before) and have actually stuck to it fairly well these past few weeks. Eating out is definitely a problem for us so hopefully being more conscientious about our meals and grocery list will help keep eating out to a minimum.

Do any of you meal plan? Spam me with some of your favorite easy-to-make recipes!

Also worth noting, as of the date this post was published, I have 6 blog posts written and scheduled!!! Yay me!!!

What’s Next:
Disney World Vacation Part One: Arrival & Disney Springs


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  • Zucchini taco boats have been on of our favorite recipes!

  • So glad to have you back in the blog world! I’m so excited to read about all your adventures!

  • Yay! I cannot wait to read your Disney posts! And gosh, your daughter is adorable!!

  • Stephanie Whitener

    We meal plan mostly to make sure we have easy meals during the week and so I know what to get at the store. Also I am curious how camping was with the little lady. We have been thinking about it, but I am hesitant with such a little one.

    • Yes that’s what gets me about weekday meals if they’re not fast and easy to make, I have a very hard time getting myself to make them! Baby E was about 8 months when we went and she really loved it–I felt like I was packing up the entire house but it was worth it for us! I’ll be posting about our experience soon. 馃檪