Disney Vacation Part 5: Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

If you haven’t caught up yet, read  Part 1, 2, 3, and 4 here. 

Welp you guys, today is the very last day of our Disney vacation recap. Sadness. Today we’ll be visiting the Magic Kingdom (yes, again) and Hollywood Studios. It’s been fun sharing these recaps with you and, don’t worry, this is not the last you’ve heard of Disney on the blog. (Check back next week for a fun new Disney-themed series I know you’re going to love!)

Enough about that for now, on to the recap!

We woke up with the sun on our last day to finish packing our suitcases and delivering them to the concierge desk. Since we hadn’t charged anything to our room, check out was complete and we were free to leave our luggage at the desk and head to the parks.

So we grabbed a bus to the Magic Kingdom and headed to our character breakfast. Now, Winnie the Pooh was one of my favorite movies as a kid and Tigger was Zach’s favorite stuffed animal so it was really a no brainer to pick the Pooh and Friends character breakfast at the Crystal Palace. My husband’s exact words were “Who cares about princesses when you can have Pooh!”.

You guys, this place was gorgeous!

And, oh my goodness the food. Scrumdiddlyumptious! The meal is served buffet style with pretty much everything you could possibly want for breakfast included. Zach and I might have filled up our plates at least 3 times each. No Shame.

There was absolutely no concealing our excitement when the first character, Piglet, came over to our table. We might have even tripped over each other trying to get a picture with him.

Aaaaaaaaaaand this was Baby E’s reaction.

Yeah, she’s not a fan. And yes, we did feel like bad parents for laughing at her.

The only one of the three characters we met that she was even a little bit ok with was Tigger. And even then she kept a wary eye on him.

It was ok though; I mean, let’s be honest, we totally did this character breakfast for our enjoyment and we loved every minute with Piglet, Pooh, & Tigger.

After we finished breakfast, we headed back to Agrabah for the Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

And Pirates of the Caribbean.

I had been wanting Baby E to ride Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel but, each time we had passed it the previous days, the waits had been upwards of 30 minutes! This time though, we headed straight there and got on without a wait. Baby E was so cute riding her horse–she couldn’t stop smiling and looking around at all the bright lights.

Of course, we had to ride The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

Then it was lunch time and we made our way back to Liberty Square to eat at Liberty Tree Tavern.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant was next on our list and while we waited for our Fast Pass time, we rode Peter Pan’s Flight.

Originally we had planned to visit Epcot during the afternoon, but we decided instead to hit up Hollywood Studios and catch the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.

Baby E was very excited about it, as you can see.

The show ended just in time for us to grab a treat from one of the snack shacks and head to Hollywood Boulevard for the March of the First Order.

Oh and you know what E is not scared of? Stormtroopers. She kept trying to grab at them as they passed! She is definitely her father’s daughter.

After the Star Wars show, we hit up the shops along Hollywood Blvd and bought ourselves some souvenirs. A Walt Disney World purse for me and a Mickey hat for Zach. Oh and we snapped a photo with Mike Wazowski, no biggie.

Oh and Tinker Bell paid us a a visit–Baby E was totally enthralled.

And that, ladies and gents, was the very last day of our Disney adventure.

We were incredibly sad to say goodbye but we are definitely planning on visiting again in a few years when E is a bit older. It was such a fun five days and a great way to spend our anniversary! We can’t wait to go back!!

Let’s Talk
When was your last visit to Disney World (or DisneyLand)? Which Disney characters would you most like to have breakfast with?

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  • Girl. I love the Crystal Palace. The last time I went to Disney World was in 2001 and I actually remember breakfast with Pooh being one of my favorite parts! Also, that’s hilarious that E was afraid of Pooh and Piglet but not stormtroopers. haha

    Also, E is totally looking at Mike Wazowski and Tink in those pictures! Do they put something there to get kids to look or something?

    • Right!!! Apparently we watch too much Star Wars in this house!! Are you doing any character breakfasts during your upcoming trip? We’re definitely going to do the Crystal Palace again next time we go when E gets a little older and can really enjoy the characters.

      I was impressed by that too–with Tink, they had me snap my fingers to get her to look the same way but Mike was her just copying Daddy. 🙂