Disney Vacation Part 2: Magic Kingdom

If you missed part one of our vacation recap, you can read that here

Woohoo! Today I’m recapping our very first day exploring the Magic Kingdom! Be prepared for picture overload, ladies and gents!! Of the four Disney parks, Magic Kingdom is where we planned to spend most of our time and I’m so glad because it’s definitely my favorite, especially with a kiddo in tow.

A recap of Day 2 of our Disney vacation. If you want to relive the magic of the Magic Kingdom, this post is for you!

Our plan for Day 2 was pretty relaxed but, since the parks were sure to be crowded later in the day (it was the Fourth of July week after all), our sweet travel agent Alicia recommended we get to the Magic Kingdom right before it opened. Best advice ever!!

After scoping out the crowds and consulting our MyDisneyExperience app, we decided to head over to Adventure Land to start the day.

We were so excited that there were no lines for any of the rides we wanted and decided to hit up as many as possible before our first FastPass at 11am.

Our first stop was ‘The Magic Carpets of Aladdin’. It was the perfect first ride for Baby E–she loved being able to look everywhere around her and I loved that we could adjust the motion of the ride to fit how she reacted. She ended up being just like her mom and dad–she loved it!

Our next ride was ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’–a favorite of mine from the last time I was at Disney World. We had a FastPass for it later in the day but there was no wait time when we passed and honestly, who doesn’t want to ride Pirates of the Caribbean more than once!

Confession? We rode it four times during our trip–pretty much everyday we were at Magic Kingdom!!!

Isn’t that the best picture? I promise I was having fun even though I look a little timid! And now is the perfect time to mention something that I think enhanced our trip more than anything else, the Disney Memory Maker and PhotoPass photographers.

Basically, at certain areas around the parks you’ll find PhotoPass photographers who will take a photo of you + your party and scan your Magic Band to link the photo to your account. We then paid $84 (the military price) and received all of the digital images from the PhotoPass photographers as well as the rides. Since one of my main complaints usually is having no pictures of the 3 of us that aren’t selfies, the Memory Maker was definitely money well-spent for us.

After Pirates, it was off to ‘It’s a Small World’ which Baby E was totally enamored with.

Before the music lulled her to sleep of course. Babies!

For lunch, we had reservations at Liberty Tree Tavern, a table-service restaurant in Liberty Square the colonial themed area of Magic Kingdom. Zach and I both really enjoyed our lunches there and we ended up going again on the last day of our trip.

After we ate, we headed straight over to the parade route to see the Festivals of Fantasy Parade. We happened to pick a spot to watch right in front of Ye Old Christmas Shoppe so I ducked in before the parade started and bought a Christmas ornament commemorating our trip. I can’t wait to add it to our collection this year!

Rapunzel at the Festival of Fantasy Parade

Rapunzel is one of my favorite princesses so I may or may not have geeked out a little when her float came by.

The prize for the coolest float went to Sleeping Beauty. The float was a steam-punk dragon with moving legs and tail–definitely Zach’s favorite part of the parade.

The parade was probably what I was most looking forward to at Magic Kingdom other than the fireworks so I was very happy the weather held up (storm clouds were a’brewing) and we were able to get good photos.

By the end of the parade, it was around 3:30 and just in time for our Fast Pass to Pirates of the Caribbean (again).

Baby E had taken about an hour nap but was definitely feeling the effects of the Florida heat so after the ride, we headed back to our resort to refresh.

The front desk had arranged our room transfer earlier in the day (which I talked about in Part One) and we finally had our room at Magnolia Bend. Isn’t the building gorgeous!

We could tell Baby E was feeling much better out of her stroller and in air conditioning so we stayed in our room for a few hours and grabbed a quick dinner at the Riverside Mill Food Court before heading back out to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks.

Ahhhhh!! You guys, the ‘Happily Ever After fireworks show’ at Magic Kingdom is a-freaken-mazing! When I first heard Disney World was changing the fireworks show, I was a little sad we wouldn’t be visiting in time to see ‘Wishes’ before it retired. But Happily Ever After is easily the most amazing show I’ve ever seen.

I mean, come on, the castle is the canvas!! Plus the music highlights all of the best parts of our favorite Disney and Pixar films. I can literally listen to the soundtrack multiple times a day.

While we’re on the subject of fireworks though, can we talk about short people problems? When we scoped out a spot, I specifically chose an area with no tall people close enough in front of me to block my view of the castle. (Because when you’re short like me, pesky tall people are something that is automatically taken into consideration.)

I found the perfect spot you guys….the perfect spot until during the last few moments before the show started, dozens of people got to cram in front of us and an especially tall man camped right in front of me. And lifted his daughter onto his shoulders. See the little girl in the red hat in the photo up above? Alas, her sweet little head was pretty much my view the entire time.

Crowds are cruel to us short people, man.

Ok enough of that, let’s continue oohing and aahing over these fireworks, shall we?

Love, love this one!

Sooo gorgeous–makes me want to go to Disney World all over again just to see these babies again!

Don’t forget to come back next week for Part 3: Our Five Year Anniversary Recap.

Let’s Talk:
If you’ve been to Disney, what’s your favorite memory of Magic Kingdom?
Also, am I the only one who has some real ‘short people problems’ in crowds (please say no)?

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  • Oh my gosh. I literally teared up looking at your photos of the castle during ‘Happily Ever After’! I was sad about ‘Wishes’ too but this looks absolutely amazing. OMGsh. I can’t believe I’m actually having to hold back tears right now. At work. While looking at pictures of a castle on a computer screen… Stupid PMS. And my love for Disney. OMGSH! I cannot believe that castle! And I thought yesterday’s post made me super excited for our trip. That was nothing compared to this!

    • I seriously think I could stare at these pictures all day.

    • You will love ‘Happily Ever After’!!! It’s pure magic! I still rewatch the video of it and it makes me tear up. Ah I can’t wait for your trip so you can experience all of this!!