Disney Vacation Part 3: Soarin’ & the Magic Kingdom

Hey loves and welcome to part 3 of our Disney vacation recap. If you missed the first two parts, you can catch up here and here.

FIVE YEARS, you guys! Zach and I have been married for five years! I realize that’s not long in the grand scheme of things but it feels like forever and a split second at the same time. It was such an amazing experience celebrating our anniversary at Disney World and I can’t wait to recap it for you.

The day started bright and early at 630 when my mom got to our hotel to watch Baby E for the day.  Thanks Mom! Baby E loved spending time with her grandma and resting up from the day before. Zach and I love being parents but having a baby-free date day was the best anniversary present ever!

We arrived at Epcot right before opening and raced the crowds to Soarin’–our only must-do ride we didn’t have a Fast Pass for. We got there just before the bulk of the crowds and only had to wait 15 minutes (pretty good considering the usual wait time is around an hour). I had previously been to Soarin’: California Adventure and loved it so I really enjoyed getting to ride Soarin’ Around the World, especially because it was Zach’s very first ‘thrill ride’.

Although we didn’t have time to tour the World Showcase before our FastPass started at Magic Kingdom, we did take a break for breakfast at Sunshine Seasons and stopped at MouseGear before taking the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.

We got to Magic Kingdom around 11am and stopped for a photo op on Main Street before heading to Frontier Land.

Our first stop though was the snack cart to get an iconic Mickey Mouse ice cream bar. Sooo delicious and refreshing!

Alicia had set up fast passes for “the big three” rollercoaster rides at Magic Kingdom–Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, and Space Mountain which worked perfectly because we had just enough time before the crowds were at full-force to ride Big Thunder and Splash Mountain twice.

First up was ‘Big Thunder Mountain’. Zach’s first roller coaster ride–WOOHOO!! I gave him a good bit of teasing for waiting until he was 26 to get on his first roller coaster!

Splash Mountain was my favorite out of the three rides because it gave us a welcome reprieve from the heat and I loved reading the Uncle Remus stories as a kid.

For lunch, we headed to Columbia Harbour House for their famous lobster rolls.

After lunch, we decided to fit the Haunted Mansion ride between our remaining fast passes. We ended up waiting in line for around 45 minutes but it was totally worth it. The special effects for the ride were pretty amazing but a little part of me wished the ride had a surprise drop.

After riding Big Thunder Mountain for our second time, we hopped on the WDW Railroad at FrontierLand to take us to TomorrowLand and Space Mountain.

We did have a little scare on Space Mountain though–right before we started entering the cars, the ride was closed for about 15 minutes because of issues they were having. We ended having to use a different Loading Station because the first track closed for maintenance! I may or may not have googled ‘Space Mountain injuries’ while we waited!

Zach’s face cracks me up every single time I look at this photo. This was definitely his favorite ride at Magic Kingdom.

For our anniversary dinner, Alicia reserved us a table at Disney Boardwalk’s Flying Fish restaurant so after we were done with Space Mountain, we hurried to catch a bus back to the resort to change. It started to pour soon after we got back to our room but thankfully my mom had an umbrella for us to use.

Poor Zach still ended up pretty soaked though and in all the confusion, we ended up on the wrong bus! Instead of taking the bus back to Epcot, we ended up on the bus to Disney Springs. We knew with only 20 minutes left till our reservation, we were definitely not going to make it but thankfully we were able to reschedule our reservation to an hour later at 8 instead of 6:40. Reasons #1-1000 for downloading the My Disney Experience app before you head to the parks.

We leisurely made our way through the World Showcase and even got to look around the BoardWalk Resort area (which is beautiful by the way) before dinner.

Not going to lie, the Flying Fish is without a doubt the fanciest restaurant we’ve ever been to. The waiter spoke with a French accent (although I’m pretty sure it was practiced) and served us sparkling water instead of, you know, regular water.

The food was delicious though. I ordered the Wood Fired Octopus, Sea Bass, and Key West Shrimp, my first time ever trying octopus, and Zach ordered the Wagyu Filet Mignon.

After dinner, we headed back through Epcot and took a few photos with Spaceship Earth lit up in the background. Including this gem. Hi Pascal!

And that pretty much finishes out our third day at the parks. We had so much fun!

Check back Friday for Part 4!

Let’s Talk
How do you usually celebrate your anniversary?
Also what’s the most exotic meal you’ve ever eaten? (Yep, you guessed it, octopus is mine)

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  • Aww this looks like such a fun day! I’m thankful for your posts because now I will certainly download my disney experience! Also, Hi Pascal and Tink! haha love it!

    • It was a blast! You guys are going to have so much fun–and definitely download the app. It was a lifesaver so many times to check wait times or the times for upcoming Fast Passes.