Salmon River Falls {Explore NY}

Hey loves & welcome to Explore New York! If you’ve been following me for awhile, you might know I definitely wanted to make exploring the area a priority. And, since Our Darling Adventure is all about discovering new places, I thought I’d take you along on our visit to Salmon River Falls!

In the mood to explore upstate New York, enjoy the short hike to Salmon River Falls in Oswego County.

Since it’s been awhile since we (and by we, I mean, I) did any hiking, Zach decided to start us off with an easy one. The Falls Trail to the outlook was nicely paved and we saw people of all ages making their way to and from the falls.

The hike to the overlook is short (15 minutes or less) so Zach decided to wear Baby E but you could also take a stroller if you’re not planning any off-trail exploring. There is another trail down to the river bed called the Gorge Trail but it’s pretty much a long section of very steep stairs and, honestly, looked like a trail only Zach would have enjoyed!

Salmon River Falls itself is a 110-foot waterfall and it’s pretty gorgeous no matter what angle you see it from.

A set of stairs leads you down to the upper river bed and we were able to take photos of the view from the top.

Zach and I had brought a picnic lunch so we headed further up the river to find the perfect spot for our spread.

Funny story: we completely forgot to pack the utensils so Zach “GI’d it” by using leftover packaging from the travel wipes we had, to “shmear” condiments on our sandwiches. Not the most elegant way of doing things, but I got a kick out of his field craft ingenuity.

Another funny tidbit? My child loves smacking me in the head. It’s a game to her. She loves it; me not so much.

Salmon River Falls was definitely one of my favorite hikes we’ve taken as a family of three. If you’re in the Oswego County area, you should definitely add Salmon River Falls to your list of must-dos. And remember it’s perfect for picnics!

What to Know
  • Salmon River Falls is a 110-ft waterfall located in the Salmon River Unique Area in Oswego County.
  • Falls Trail is paved, shaded by trees and is very family friendly. The other trail available, Gorge Trail, is more suited to those who are very physically fit.
  • From the upper path of Falls Trail, you can follow the riverbed for about a mile and find the perfect spot for a picnic. Just don’t forget your utensils like we did!

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    • Jen

      Gorgeous! And what a great waterfall. The waterfalls in Hawaii are always so small