Welcome to the World DIY Newborn Shadow Box

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This completely customizable DIY newborn shadow box is a breeze to put together! Just gather up some newborn memorabilia and get started.

Recently I’ve been reorganizing boxes from our move (yep, it was a year ago–cross country moves kick bum, y’all) and I finally found my box of Baby E’s newborn things. I’d been wanting to create a newborn shadow box for all her hospital keepsakes and the eve of her first birthday seemed like the perfect time for some newborn nostalgia.

This completely customizable DIY newborn shadow box is a breeze to put together! Just gather up some newborn memorabilia and get started.

Guys, I still can’t believe how much my baby has grown! Looking at all of her newborn items has made me even more grateful for a healthy and happy first year as well as everything that has helped make life with an infant easier along the way.

One of the many fun things E does now that she’s a “Big Girl” is feeding herself with a spoon. She loves it! Granted, the cereal doesn’t always end up in her mouth but that’s ok!!! It’s a learning process…kinda like parenthood! I use Gerber® Pure® Water from Walmart to make her cereal because it’s specially purified for babies.

The shadow box itself was pretty straightforward to assemble. I bought a 12×12 shadow box from my local craft supply store and grabbed a box of satin pins from Walmart along with my current baby essentials–baby cereal and Gerber® Pure® Water.

Since the shadow box is completely customizable, you can add whatever mementos you have from your baby’s birth. If you’re stumped for ideas, though, this list should get you started.

  • one or two newborn photos
  • Baby’s first initial
  • hospital bracelets
  • id card from the hospital bassinet
  • newborn hat
  • DIY map showing birthplace (I show you how to replicate mine below)
  • footprints from hospital birth certificate
  • Going Home outfit
  • newborn socks
  • newborn diaper
  • hospital pacifier, if your child used one
  • and anything else you want to include!

As you can see, I used a photo, E’s bracelet and ID Card, her first hat, and her initial in my box. And because it’s highly likely with our military lifestyle that all our kiddos will be born in different parts of the world, I thought I’d include a map of where E was born.

I used photoshop but you can easily recreate this tutorial with any photo editing software you have on hand.

After my map was printed and I gathered all the items I wanted to use, it was just a matter of fiddling with the placement I liked best and using pins to attach my mementos to the backboard of my box.

Just a note, I definitely recommend using pins for this instead of more permanent adhesives because adhesives like glue or tape can harm your memorabilia over time.

Et voila–project completed!

When we first started Baby E on infant cereal a few months ago, I checked my local Walmart and found Gerber® Pure® Water.

I feel great knowing that Gerber® Pure® Water is specially purified for babies and is great for mixing into both formula and E’s infant cereal.

I’m looking forward to Baby E’s second year of life so much and I know I will always cherish the memories I’ve preserved in her newborn shadow box. Plus, it will be such a fun thing to see her marvel at how small she was as she gets older!

I hope you enjoy making your own DIY newborn shadow box as much as I did making mine!

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  • This is such a fun age! My youngest daughter is now closer to three than two and I can’t believe how quickly the time goes by. I haven’t made anything like those for my girls and would love to. #client

  • Jen

    This is so cute! I have shadowboxes for our kids stuff too, they’re so perfect for displaying all their important tiny things!

  • How beautiful! I have supplies to make 2 boxes, but never got around to it. And then I had another kid! LOL I especially love the map though, since the girls were born in different areas.

    • Right! More kiddos tend to delay all the crafty things, don’t they! I’m congratulating myself for getting this one done by E’s first birthday!