Snippets of Life / October

Well hi there, lovelies! It’s been quiet on the blogging front lately but it’s time for an October update.

+ If you follow me on InstaStories, you probably already know this, but we went to Niagara Falls!! It was such a beautiful day and a really great family memory.

+ AND THEN…..our car failed us on the way back from Buffalo. Womp Womp. Ever been stuck in a Walmart parking lot for three hours in 80-degree weather with a screaming baby and a car that refuses to run? Yeah, me too. Thankfully though, Zach was able to MacGyver a solution and we got home in one piece so even though it wasn’t the best ending to our day, it ended well at least.

+ Baby E turned ONE in September! Honestly, I’m still pinching myself over that not-so-small fact.

Her birthday ended up nothing like I had imagined it would, but I think we still managed to make it special. Somehow, Army timing was on our side (for once) and Zach was able to celebrate one year of parenting a few days before he had to leave. Baby E, of course, was oblivious to her special day but did enjoy helping Daddy blow out her candle.

+ If you read September’s Snippets, you know that the hubby deployed in the middle of September. The day he left was definitely one of the hardest so far but Baby E and I are slowly working on establishing our new normal while he’s away.

+ Thanks to all of my milspouse gals who suggested getting a daddy doll for Baby E. We got ours a few weeks ago and E adores cuddling with it.

If you’ve been through a deployment or extended separation from your spouse, did you have any kind of routine to help the kiddos cope? Also, if anyone has suggestions for fun activities to do with a one-year-old, please let me know!

+ Speaking of fun activities, I’ve found myself turning to doodling/water-coloring as my relaxation activity these days. I’ve always loved to draw but never felt I had a lot of talent for it! One of my goals this deployment is to practice my drawing every day in an effort to get better at it.

+ Fall feels like it’s come and gone here in NY. The temperature dropped to the low 40s one night this past month (sheesh!!) and the trees have gone from yellow and red to completely naked all in one week. Winter is coming, folks.

+ Confession? Binge-watching my favorite movies/tv shows make the days go by faster. So far, I’ve finished all ten seasons of Friends and started on Full House (thanks to Jen for telling me it was on Hulu). I think I might have a problem, y’all.

+ And a shameless plug to end out the post. If you do any sort of memory keeping or planning, take a look at my new Youtube channel. My aim is to post at least 2 videos per week all about my crafty endeavors.

That’s it for me today, loves. What’s something you’ve done this past month? I’d love to hear all about it!

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  • I LOVE that daddy doll. I won’t ever be in yours or E’s situation but man that’s a genius idea for kids. Glad that Zach could celebrate E’s first birthday! I’m sure it meant a lot to him.

    • Thanks, Elyse–it meant so much to be able to celebrate together. E’s daddy doll is the best–I love watching her interact with it.

  • Jen

    I love your journaling! When my husband was deployed, I made sure to do something during the week everyday, even if it was just to go to Walmart. See if there’s hourly care on post to give you some alone time too!

  • Those journal pages are awesome! I’m so sorry Zach is deployed again. That daddy doll is a really cool idea!