Snippets of Life // November

I can’t believe it’s time for another monthly update, you guys! Time seems to be flying by for us thankfully.

+ This past month I turned 27. Not sure how that happened because I definitely don’t feel closer to 30 than 20 but there it is. Ack! I feel old, guys!

+ And, if you follow me on my personal Instagram account, you might know that I spent my birthday in the ER with Baby E. She’d fallen from the couch before bedtime the night before and woke up refusing to move one of her arms. After talking to a Tricare nurse and my mom, we headed to the emergency room to check for a broken arm.

Thankfully though, Baby E was perfectly fine. The doctors x-rayed her arm just to be sure but as it turns out, it was just sore from the fall. I felt a little bit silly afterward but I feel that with things like this, it’s better safe than sorry.

+ Look at that adorable smile!! We had a few days of agreeably warm weather at the end of October so Baby E and I took advantage of the sunshine and took walks every day. This little lady is definitely her father’s daughter–she loves being outside no matter what the temperature.

+ If you’re part of the memory keeping world, you might have heard of December Daily. (If you want more info about the project, check out this page.) This will be my second year participating in the project and I’m excited to document my holiday stories this year. And if you want a look at last year’s album, check it out below.

+ Woohoo for me–I sent out my very first care package at the beginning of November! Suffice it to say, I’m addicted. I may or may not have 3 care packages going out in December. (No, really, I’m actually sending him 3 care packages in one month.)

+ Speaking of all things deployment. I’m so grateful that because we switched Zach’s phone carrier before he deployed, we’ve been able to talk and Facetime pretty regularly since he’s been gone. But we’ve still had our fair share of seeing this message on our phone screens.

+ This past weekend I went to start the car and was greeted by an alert that not one but all FOUR of my car tires were low. Of course, my first reaction was sheer panic but after texting the hubs, I figured out how to hook up our air compressor and fill all the tires. I’m counting it as my first win for this deployment.

+ And finally, a little sneak peek of a post to come later this month. I created an advent calendar with hand-drawn holiday icons for Zach’s Christmas care package. And I loved the idea so much, I created a second one to use as a daily memory keeper during the month of December.

That’s it for me today, loves. What are your plans for the Thanksgiving next week? I’d love to hear about what you’ve been doing!

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  • Callie Martinez

    I’ve never heard of December Daily, what a cool idea!

    • Thanks Callie! It’s my favorite way to document the holidays–and it’s so fun to see what everyone’s traditions are!