5 Marriage Lessons from a Military Wife

I love learning more about marriage. Whether it be by reading articles or by examining my own marriage and gleaning lessons from it, my marriage is one of my top priorities and I love learning how to make my relationship with my husband even stronger. Now I’m by no means an “expert” in all things marriage….not […]

Whale Watching on Oahu

Are you one of those people who loves crossing things off of lists? I definitely am and, since this is our last year here in Hawaii, Zach and I are making it a point to mark off a few things on our Hawaii bucket list. One of the most fun experiences we’ve had so far […]

We’re Moving to….

Remember how I told y’all 2016 was full of changes? Well I wasn’t kidding! Not only will we be welcoming a little one this fall but we’ll also be moving in November! (Does that sound scary to anyone else? Nope, just me? Ok moving on then.) I’m a little sad to be leaving Hawaii–despite a […]