Toy Story Inspired Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Since coming back from Disney World, the husband and I have become a bit Disney obsessed. Hence, how we came up with this new date idea. A date night revolving around a Disney movie, chosen at random, plus a dinner inspired by said movie. (Yep, my husband agreed to that–see, we’re Disney obsessed.) And we thought […]

Bookstore Scavenger Hunt for Couples

You know what’s really fun for me? Spending hours at the bookstore. You know what’s not really fun for my husband? Yep—also spending hours at the bookstore. However I decided that our next trip to Barnes and Nobles would be enjoyable for both of us! And it was–thanks to an idea I got from browsing […]

30 Days of Intentional Prayer for Your Spouse

You know what I really struggle with in my marriage? Ok, one of the things I struggle with in my marriage (let’s face it, I think we all struggle with a few things)? Covering my marriage and especially my husband in prayer. To be honest, prayer in itself has never come very easily to me. Because of […]